Mud Run Madness

23rd December 2014

Mud Run, Horsley Park, NSW
Saturday 6th December 2014

In the lead up to this year’s mud run we had storms roll in like clockwork every afternoon and the rain they brought completely soaked the course and filled the mud pits to overflowing. Great conditions for a “Mud Run” with the mud pits yet again claiming lots of shoes, creating giant smiles and laughter and getting everyone dirty! With yet another storm blowing in late in the day those still at the event centre got a bonus wash down and spectacular lightning show!

With over 6500 participants bouncing around the course in all sorts of crazy fashion statements, people early in the day stirred up the mud for those coming through later. This year’s event featured the Foam Frenzy that had great feedback from both kids and adults, not the toughest obstacle but definitely a mass of bubbly fun.

An amazing effort by all those that raised funds for the Cancer Council, well done. A whopping $42,696.58 was raised this year and Maximum Adventure along with Cancer Council would like to express thanks to those who participated. There were definitely a lot of yellow shirts out there!

We do have a few lost property items that were handed in, if you are missing something of value (not your shoe that is still in the mud pit) then send us an email with a description to

All the terrific photos from the team at Aurora Images are now available to view via the link below where you can search by your bib number for all your photos. As the numbers can get a bit hard to read when covered in MUD be sure to use the Advanced Search feature to find even more photos to add to your Aurora Value Pack