12 Week Program “Couch to 7km”

Attention aspiring mud runners, we have a plan for you. Yes, you can move from the Couch to 7KM in 12 weeks. That overabundance of winter will soon be smoothed in to sculpted strength and you’ll be well on your way to being a Mud Run Champion. Things you need to know:

Huffy Puffy Why? It works the heart, which pumps the blood which flushes the bad stuff and increases the good stuff. This is the main focus to get you on your way to your goal of the 7KM Mud Run.

Go Go Gadget Stretch Why? Stretching decreases muscle stiffness, increases movement and improves posture. Stretching can lower the risk of injury, improves circulation, it can assist in relieving post-exercise aches and pains… (Stop rolling your eyes) In fact, there are a lot of damn good reasons to stretch so do it.

Muscle buster Why? Resistance training aka weight training not only equals sexy toning and sculpting, it increases muscle mass, reduces body fat, and reduces blood pressure… all the things your doctor (or wife) nags you about.

Fuel the fire Why? Would you put E10 into a diesel car? Didn’t think so… It wouldn’t work very well if you did. So why do we put the wrong fuel into ourselves? An often neglected area, but just as important as the exercise itself, the fuel you put in you belly will greatly affect what you get out!

Things you will need: Good pair of running shoes, local park, your suburb or treadmill. And most importantly a positive attitude.

Week 1 – From the Couch to the Front Door…

Mon Today the aim is just to get your body moving again, get your heart pumping and get that motivation building.Huffy puffy for 20 – 30 minutes. Walk at a solid pace around your local park, suburb or if you have access a treadmill jump on that.Gentle stretching is a non negotiable after every session ☺
Tue Rest
Wed Get out and about huffy puffy for 20 – 30 minutes. Walk solid around your local park, suburb or if you have access a treadmill, just make sure you set the incline to at least 3.Gentle stretching for at least 3-5 minutes. Make sure you do stretch; your body will thank you for it tomorrow.
Thu Rest Feeling sore today? That’s great. Means you’re doing it right. Go for a gentle walk in the afternoon and do a short stretching session before bed.
Fri Rest Take the stairs at work, offer to do the mail, take those extra steps to take extra footsteps! Every move counts.
Sat Get out and about huffy puffy for a good 30 minutes today.Walk solid for 30 minutes. Pick a new route, take a trip to the beach or gardens, and get that heart pumping for half an hour. Remember to stretch for your cool down, and if you’re feeling tight, stretch again before bed.
Sun Rest; you earned it ☺


Week 2 – Front Door to Park

Mon You guessed it, 30 minute walk. Today add some hills if possible or increase the incline on the treadmill. Get those lungs and heart working on those hills.You will start to feel your muscles after today, so remember to stretch again before bed.
Tue Rest Are you taking the stairs at work? Incidental exercise adds up, next time to hesitate between the elevator and the stairs, envisage yourself crossing the finish line at the Mud Run!
Wed Something new for hump day. A mix and match session, 10 minutes of steady walking and about 10 minutes of working on those ever tightening and growing muscles.See Heave off hump day plan
Thu Rest Waheey. Feel those legs, arms and core today? Sensational! Gentle fluid movements today will ease the pain and reap the gain. Gentle stretching before bed.
Fri Rest If you are still sore today, take a gentle walk and get your blood flowing through those achy muscles. Stretch again tonight, trust us it eases the pain!
Sat Challenge yourself to a huffy puffy walk of 40 minutes.Find a few hills or up the number for those inclines on the treadmill. Remember the ever important stretching!
Sun Well earned rest today!

Heave Off Hump Day Plan:

Equipment needed: Floor space, light hands weights if available or a resistance band.

Warm up walk/star jumps/tuck jumps anything to get your blood pumping around for at least 5 minutes preferably 10 if you can. Make it a fast short walk, or jump on the stationary bike for 10 minutes, or if you have to stay indoors at home be creative use stairs, jog around the house, star jumps etc. Next resistance; you don’t need to be an Olympic lifter, just 10 minutes of well performed moves with sculpt your wobbles away.

Repeat circuit twice, try and finish every set.

The entire workout (so all the moves repeated twice) shouldn’t take longer to complete than 8 – 10 minutes with breaks. Finish the session with a really good stretch. And a shower.

Week 3 – Fuel the Fire

How are you feeling Mud Runners? Week 3 brings some changes in goals and we start to look at the food that fuels the fire.

Mon Congratulations, week three! Starting to add some measurements this week. Start the week off with an energising morning walk of 2km and torch those weekend calories with a short resistance workout. See the reference table for your Mundane Monday Motivation Muscle Buster workout.
Tue Rest You will feel it in your legs today, so remember to…(don’t roll those eyeballs) Stretch!!
Wed Hump day. Challenge yourself.4km walk get that huffy puffy going. Don’t avoid those hills, conquer them!
Thu Rest Achy breaky heart? (Or legs?) Yep, you said it.Make sure you stretch today or make time just before bed.
Fri Rest
Sat 3km of hard walking, this time see if you can add another 10 minutes to your walk.Pick a new route, take a friend, reward yourself after with a super yummy (and good for you) breakfast. (see link attached)
Sun Lets talk fuel for fire. This Sunday, change the way you look at your grocery shopping, (see link for healthy eating)

Not sure how far to walk? Measure your area with one of these sites.



25 Ridiculously healthy foods



Week 4 – Strength and Core Workout

Woohoo! You have made it through the toughest part, up to week 4 of your program. This week we will be incorporating more strength and core work and upping the ante on the 4km target. Who loves the post exercise energy and glow? Or are you still groaning to get those legs out and up?

Mon Welcome to week 4. Core and Cardio Monday (refer to reference table) today. This is a short but challenging session, be sure to push yourself through it, the rewards are worth more than you know.Remember to stretch tonight, drink plenty of water and fuel the right way this week.
Tue Rest and stretch. Do you drive to work? Could you park further away and walk? Catch a train and walk? Get off the stop earlier, remember every step counts.
Wed Start shuffle jog intervals. 4kmsLet’s up the huffy puffy, and get the shuffle in our step.Warm up 10 minute hard walk. Pick a light post or a marker like a letter box and jog to it, walk the next 3, then jog the next etc. If you are on the treadmill, aim to jog for 15 seconds and walk for a minute. Do for as much of the 4kms as possible.
Thu Rest and stretch. Tempted by fast food? Check out these simple ideas (see attachment)
Fri Resistance Full body Friday; full body circuit (refer to reference table) today. Before you start, go for a good 10 minute walk or stationary bike ride.Follow with a gentle walk in the evening before a really good stretching session. (Thankful for those now eh?)
Sat Rest and stretch
Sun Recovery walk, just a steady pace. Not so out of puff, just enjoy the fact you can get out and walk. Aim for 45mins.Take a friend; pick a new scene such as a coastal track of bush walk. Enjoy the fact you can get out and experience this! Show your friends how you can touch your toes.

Fast food tempters


Week 5 – A bit of Huffy Puffy

Week five and you’re still alive! How is your body feeling after last week? Are you fueling your fire correctly? This week we are chasing some distance so back to a bit of huffy puffy.

Mon Just a walk today. Aim for distance of 3kms, at a steady comfortable pace. Stretch after your walk and again before bed.Motivational music for mundane Monday (refer to reference table).
Tue Welcome to shuffle jog interval Tuesday. Same as last week. Warm up 10 minute hard walk. Pick a light post or a marker like a letter box and jog to it, walk the next 3, then jog the next etc. If you are on the treadmill, aim to jog for 15 seconds and walk for a minute. Do for as much of the 4kms as possible.
Wed Rest and stretch
Thu Re-route your maps, we aiming for the number 5 today. 5km hard walk, our aim is distance but if you’re feeling you can add some short interval jogs, go for it. Pick a tree to run to then walk till your breathing settles, pick the next point and run again. Don’t overdo it, just make the 5km mark.
Fri Rest and stretch Are we stretching at home as often as we should?Gear up advice: Underwear (refer to reference table).
Sat A surprise for your Saturday morning, hills and stairs. Live near a train station? There’s almost always a set of stairs at train stations, or fire stairs at shopping malls, or office building. Get to know them, see attached hills and stairs workout.
Sun Rest and stretch. And shop for some new underwear.

Week 6 – Mix it up a bit

How are you feeling Mud Runners? Week six and you should start to see some changes in your body and even how you feel each day. Got more energy? Choosing better food options? We are halfway to our muddy challenge, and this week we have mixed it up a bit using something from every week so far.

Mon Core and cardio How did you go with your week 4 core challenges? Week 6 adds a few more challenges and variations for your core and cardio session. (Refer to reference table)
Tue Rest and stretch. Does it hurt to cough and laugh today? Great, you did a great workout yesterday!
Wed Shuffle jog intervals. Distance of 5kmsOutdoors? Try and pick objects (like a letter box or a tree) you can run to then recover by fast walking or slow jogging a similar distance, then run again to the next point.
Thu Rest stretch and hydrate. Need some retail therapy? Navigate through the myriad of sportswear options (Refer to reference table Gear Advice Page 3)
Fri Today just a recovery walk of 5km. If you really feel the need you can break out into a jog, but keep your huffy puffy at a manageable breathing pace.
Sat Rest stretch and shop.
Sun Oh no! I hear the groans and painful memories arise. Just imagine yourself at the Mud Run, chewing up the mud (figuratively) Hills and stairs today.(Refer to reference table)If you did stairs last week, make a hill this week and vice versa.


Week 7 – Short and Sharp this Week

Short and sharp this week, only three workouts to knock over. Use your free time to stretch, eat well and show off that body.

Mon Rest and stretch Grocery shopping for the week? See link below.
Tue Today a focus on intervals (Refer to reference table), a bit more structured than our usual jog/walk sessions.This can be done on a treadmill, or you can change to using a stationary bike or cross trainer if you have access.
Wed Rest and stretch. Yoga anyone?
Thu Full body resistance today, (Refer to reference table) You will need some small weights or resistance band, and some room to move.
Fri Sore? Rest and stretch. And stretch.
Sat Wanna see how far you have come? From the couch to 5km. Today set yourself a challenge of a Jog and walk 5km. After a warm up walk of 10 minutes, pace yourself at a steady jog, manage your breathing and see how far you can get before walking again.
Sun Rest and… yep, stretch. Can you touch those twinkle toes yet? Need some new runners but not sure what to get. (Refer to the GearAdvice in the reference table)

Grocery shopping


Week 8 – We Up the Kilometres and Throw in Resistance and Cross Training

You’ve reached week 8 mud runners, only 4 weeks to the sensational muddiness of the Mud Run. This week we up the kilometres and chuck in a resistance and cross training for a bit fun. (Don’t roll your eyeballs, it is fun…)

Mon Mondays challenge: 6km hard walking, with intermittent jogging or sprints. Don’t want to? Tough, get those legs going mud runners.You can Fartlek. (Pardon?)www.fitsugar.com/Do-You-Fartlek-346461
Tue Rest and stretch
Wed Cross training challenge. Got access to a stationary bike or cross trainer? Check out the cross training challenge of the day.(Refer to the reference table)No access to these? Get off road with your jogging and challenge yourself with some uneven terrain.
Thu Rest and stretch, you may be feeling a bit sore after using different muscles to normal, so remember to keep moving today to avoid seizing up.
Fri Fabulous and flab-less Friday. Resistance and core challenge.(Refer to the reference table)
Sat Rest day.
Sun Sunday Fun-day. Jog and walk 6kms.Find a new route, get off the cement and paths, look at a few of these options.


Week 9 – A bit of Everything, Distance, Resistance, and Intervals

Week 9, and feelin’ fine! How are you mud runners? Do you have those taut and terrific torsos on display yet? We are on the downhill now towards our goal of the Mud Run. Only three sessions, but this week a bit of everything distance, resistance and intervals.

Mon Rest and stretch. Rest days can include some form of exercise, just pick low impact sports such a gentle walking, swimming or Yoga.
Tue Short and sharp today, a 30 minute session of Intervals(Refer to the reference table)
Wed Rest and stretch.
Thu Bit of distance today. Map out a Jog walk for 6kms. Pace yourself to jog as much of it as you can, enjoy the time out find your groove.
Fri Rest and stretch.
Sat Resistance and core. Yep, more muscle busting moves. Complete the circuit twice. (Refer to the reference table)
Sun Rest and stretch.


Week 10 – This Week we are Going the Distance, Literally

Woohoo! Only 2 more weeks till the awesome Mud Run! Do you have your outfits ready? This week we are going the distance literally. 7 km targets this week, some hills and some muscle bustin’.

Mon Get your map measurers out, today we are going the distance! 7kms walk/jog
Tue Rest and stretch. Are you making the right food choices?
Wed Resistance and core. A circuit you should start to be familiar with, complete the circuit twice or even three times if you can.
(Refer to the reference table)
Thu Rest and stretch
Fri Hills and stairs If you have done the hills and have the options do the stairs or vice versa. (Refer to the reference table)
Sat Rest and stretch
Sun 7kms walk jog. Get that map measurer out, grab a friend and go the distance. Try and jog more than you walk!


Week 11 – Last Week of Hard Training, Only Three Sessions this Week

Mud runners are you excited?! Last week of hard training, only three sessions this week.

Mon Rest and stretch (or swim or Yoga).
Tue Resistance and core (Refer to the reference table)
Wed Rest and stretchEat well look great!
Thu Hills and stairs (Refer to the reference table)
Fri Rest and stretch
Sat 7kms walk jog, try and jog more than you walk!
Sun Rest


Week 12 – You Made it to the Final Week of Couch to 7km

Mud runners! You made it to the final week of Couch to 7km. Time to get excited as the day to revel in muddiness and grubbiness gets closer. Don’t stop after this event, celebrate the your hard work and set your next goal, maybe a fun run or try something new like Adventure racing…

Mon 5km walk and shuffle jog. If outside go up every hill possible, Keep a nice steady pace for as much of the distance as you can. If you’re on a treadmill, set that incline up high.
Tue Rest and stretch
Wed Today, just a walk 45 – 60 mins to get the muscles moving.Try and do a really good stretch session today, and try on your outfit for the Mud Run. Post your picture on FB and be proud of your achievement.
Thu Rest and stretch
Fri Got your gear ready? Outfits? Wigs? Wings? Who’s desi driver?Last minute details today!
Sun Rest and recover! Post your pics on FB, celebrate and book in for next year!


Reference Documents

Gear Advice

Physical Exercise and Cancer Risks

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